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3 Special Requirements For Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom ark is a kind of new-born product between defend bath and furniture, also should consider when choose and buy more comprehensive, besides considering function, exterior, choose bathroom ark still has a few special requirements.

3 Special Requirements For Bathroom Cabinets-China Bathroom Furniture American Antique Modern bathroom vanity cabinet Manufacturers & Suppliers

1.The environmental protection

Bathroom space is limited, air is not easy to circulate, the environment of warm moisture breeds bacterium more easily, environmental protection performance also is the important problem that needs to consider when choosing bathroom ark.

Medium fiber board has the characteristic with hygroscopicity, bibulous property and thickness expand rate lower, often be used as the base material of bathroom ark.But in the adhesive that fiber board joins in making a process can release harmful material slowly, consumer should open ark door or drawer when choose and buy, check whether to have pungent odour.

PVC is a kind of plastic, its color bright, corrosion resistance, material lightweight, durable, is now more popular is also widely used as a synthetic material.PVC bathroom ark because of its moistureproof, cheap characteristic, have allure quite to consumer.But need to pay attention to is, because PVC in the manufacturing process to increase plasticizer, anti-aging agent and other accessories to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, environmental performance is poor, in the choice should be carefully considered.

  1. Structure

Bathroom ark divides into floor type from the structure and hang wall type.The bearing of floor type is better, can provide bigger store content space, can cooperate bedroom whole style better.Hang the cabinet of wall type appearance contracted, have the characteristic of contemporary household.Because do not connect with the ground, its moistureproof property is better, but bearing also greatly accordingly discount.In addition, because of the limitation of dead weight, hang wall type bathroom ark must be fixed on bearing wall.

  1. It's important to keep out moisture

The moist degree of toilet is far bigger than the other space of the bedroom, especially when the bathroom and toilet connect when an organic whole, bathroom ark is unavoidable the test that experiences foggy evaporate blister.What differ with bathroom is, bathroom ark is the space that closes relatively, if moistureproof property is poor, easy make the article that stores inside becomes mouldy, breed bacterium.Accordingly, moistureproof it is the first condition that chooses bathroom ark.

3 Special Requirements For Bathroom Cabinets-China Bathroom Furniture American Antique Modern bathroom vanity cabinet Manufacturers & Suppliers

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