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How to protect bathroom sink cabinets from moisture?

When choosing the bathroom sink cabinets, we will consider the moisture-proof problem of the quality bathroom vanities more. Due to the large amount of water used in the bathroom, the environment is very humid. So how is the 48 inch bathroom cabinets with sink moistureproof? Today, FRANK would like to introduce the bathroom mirror cabinet moisture-proof methods.

1.wall hung bathroom vanity or bathroom cabinet recessed in wall canprevent water vapor penetration.

The main source of moisture is the floor. The wall hung and wall mounted bathroom cabinets solve the problem of moisture absorption at the bottom of the cabinet and successfully block 50% of the moisture penetration in the bathroom cabinet. Bathroom corner cabinet wall mounted can not only avoid direct contact with the ground, but also maximize the use of the upper bathroom space.

2.Corner bathroom cabinet with high metal legs can avoid directly contact with water vapor on the ground.

If the bathroom cabinet uses wooden cabinet legs, it is easy to get damp, and will unconsciously lead the moisture to the cabinet body, which will eventually lead to the deformation of the whole cabinet. If the bottom of the cabinet uses metal as the leg material to support the cabinet, the problem will be solved skillfully. In addition, the aluminum cabinet legs are very strong, which can withstand the heavy pressure of the basin. And the anti rust characteristics of aluminum can ensure that the cabinet legs do not rust after contacting with water.

3.Pipe with floor drain

Basin directly connected with the single sink vanity is our common, the use frequency is also quite high. The water outlet pipe of the washbasin will pass through the bottom plate and enter into the ground. The condensed water in the basin will also take the opportunity to sneak into the cabinet bottom plate from the cutting edge of the plate, so that the bathroom cabinet bottom plate is affected by moisture and deformation. As long as a waterproof floor drain is installed at the outlet of the pipeline at the bottom of the pool, the service life of the cabinet can be extended.

4.Waterproof aluminum foil pad at the bottom of cabinet to prevent moisture

According to the usual bath experience, we will find that the basin or faucet in the bathroom will produce a large amount of condensed water when encountering hot air, which will flow into the bottom of the bathroom sink cabinets along the table, causing the cabinet to become moldy and deformed. If you can add a layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber pad at the bottom of the cabinet in time, you can solve this problem, which can not only prevent moisture but also fix bath products.