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Purefine Kitchen & Bath

FRANK, founded in 2006, is located in Foshan, China. Frank is a leading bathroom furniture solutions provider in China. We always keep the original concept in mind, and has focused on high quality bathroom cabinet for 13 years. So far FRANK have been setting up more than 500 stores in domestic and abroad.

Frank Factory Output 6666 Sets Bathroom Cabinet In December

Usually ,it is very busy for China factoy before Chinese new year holiday. As 2020 CNY holiday is coming early ,Fran…

How About Frank Suspended Bathroom Cabinet?

Suspended type bath ark is metope as a result of support body, the bearing force of wall wall should be weaker than the…

3 Special Requirements For Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom ark is a kind of new-born product between defend bath and furniture, also should consider when choose and buy …

Frank Satisfies Your Bathroom Furniture Cravings

The age-old question of where to buy your bathroom vanity still has us stumped from time to time. After all, we're not …

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    13years experience in bathroom vanity manufacturing

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    100000㎡ modern factory bace

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    More than 500 stores and 800 processional employees