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  • Which is better for the bathroom cabinet?

    The bathroom cabinet, as soon as we heard the name, we can think of it as a cabinet installed in the bathroom. So for the bathroom cabinet, the custom bathroom cabinet has gradually become a new trend in the market. Which brand of custom bathroom cabinets is the best quality…
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  • Is the bathroom cabinet custom made?

    As people's living standards improve, the joy of life is getting higher and higher. Bathroom cabinets are definitely essential when designing a bathroom. But for the question of whether the bathroom cabinet is good for the finished product or customized, there may be many people who will hesitate when choosing…
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  • What are the precautions for custom bathroom cabinets? 90% of people don’t know

    In the previous article, we talked about how to customize the bathroom cabinet. Many users expressed their opinions on QQ, WeChat, and even email, expressing their views on the viewpoints in the text, and eager to talk about some considerations in the process of customizing the bathroom cabinet. Talk, then…
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  • Frank's Design "Mountain Series" Won The "AuTo Design Award 2019" Excellent Work

    Congratulations to Frank's bathroom cabinet product designer, Mr. Du rushed, for winning the excellent work award of the "AuTo design award" in 2019. After several months of multiple selections and comprehensive evaluation by a number of well-known local design tutors, the "Shan Qiu" series stood out among the numerous entries…
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  • The correct way to clean the mirror

    Mirrors are ubiquitous in our lives. When the mirror is dirty and fuzzy, most people will wipe it with a wet kerchief, but they find that the more they wipe it, the blurriness becomes. Sometimes they even look at it. I don’t know, come to learn the correct way to…
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  • Is the wall mounted bathroom cabinet strong?

    A wall-mounted bathroom cabinet can be said to be an indispensable type of bathroom furniture in the bathroom. Due to the limited space in the bathroom, many people choose wall-mounted sink cabinets when installing, allowing the use of the bathroom space. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's…
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  • Hiina juhtiv vannitoamööblilahenduste pakkuja !!

    Everyone's life can not be separated from the bathroom mirror cabinet with sink, millest saab tänapäevase kodukaunistuse standardne vannitoamööbel. Kvaliteetne elu vajab sooja ja mugava kodukeskkonna loomiseks peent kaunistust. SÕBRAS, leiate endale meelepärase vannitoamööbli kapid. 2019 is a…
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  • How to protect bathroom sink cabinets from moisture?

    Vannitoa valamu kapid valimisel, kaalume kvaliteetsete vannitubade niiskuskindlat probleemi rohkem. Due to a large amount of water used in the bathroom, keskkond on väga niiske. So how is the 48-inch bathroom cabinets with sink moistureproof? Täna, as a bathroom furniture manufacturer,…
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  • Neli näpunäidet LED-vannitoa peegelkapi deformatsiooni vältimiseks!

    Tänapäeval, people pay more and more attention to the quality and style of the led bathroom mirror cabinet. Näiteks, the bathroom furniture cabinets should not only have a good appearance and decoration but also increase the storage function of the toilet. Kuid, there are many kinds of bathroom vanities…
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  • Kuidas osta väärilist vannitoakappi ?

    Vannitoakapp on vannitoamööblis hädavajalik varustus. Hea välimusega ja praktiline vannitoakapp aitab inimestel lisaks kaupade paremale ladustamisele ka dekoratiivset efekti. Hetkel, turul on palju erinevaid vannitoakapid, with various styles…
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  • Hiina vannitoa peegelkapi otsemüügi ja disainilahenduste tootja!!

    Hiina kvaliteetse vannitoakapi tarnija otsemüük ja erineva suurusega ja stiiliga vannitoa peegelkapi kujundus!! Vannitoamööbel on meie kodus oluline element. Sobivad vannitubatooted värskendavad meie vannituba. Kena vannitoakapp võib muuta meie elu õnnelikumaks. So it is very essential…
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  • Kohandage erinevates stiilides vannitoa vannitube, Värskendage oma vannituba!

    Customize bathroom vanities from China manufacturer in different styles and materials , värskendage oma vannituba!!! Nagu me kõik teame, Vannitoa peegelkapp on oluline vannitoa mööbel. Hea vannitoapeegli edevus muudab kogu vannitoa moekamaks ja ilusamaks. Add an extra instant glam to…
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