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How to choose a good wash basin, bathroom cabinet and mirror for the bathroom

At present, most toilets in homes can achieve dry and wet separation and easy to use, but how to improve the value of the toilet has become a worry for many homeowners. I think that the combination of bathroom cabinets, washbasins, and bathroom mirrors in the bathroom is a good thing to enhance the value of the bathroom. Don't believe it, let's take a look at the design of these sinks!
The wall tiles of the bathroom are covered with white marble. With such a log-style bathroom cabinet and a large-scale mirror cabinet, it looks much more spacious, and the countertop basin makes people feel more atmospheric.
The wood-colored bathroom cabinet is a kind of bathroom cabinet with many different feelings. The dark wood-colored bathroom cabinet like the above picture has some retro feeling. It is also matched with white marble tiles and looks more stylish.
Many homeowners now choose mirror cabinets when they choose bathroom mirrors. Qi Jia Xiaocai thinks that mirror cabinets like the one above can be used with open shelf design, which is more convenient to use.
The mirror cabinet in the middle is used to store some things that are more afraid of moisture and moisture, and the toiletries that are often used can be placed on both sides. Every time you save something, you must open the mirror cabinet to get it.
Like some units that put the bathroom's hand-washing table outside the door, you can choose to lay the wall and floor with wooden floors or wood-grained bricks, and then match this white hand-washing table, which looks simple and comfortable.
There are many colors of bathroom cabinets, such as white, black, and wood are more common, but Morandi has become popular in recent years. Gray and other bright colors are combined to have a more sense of style.
Small and fresh colors are also suitable for use in the bathroom. The sky blue bathroom cabinet is covered with most of the wall space, some decorations are placed around the counter basin, and the tiles on the ground also make this bathroom look more beautiful.

There are also some handwashing stations that are biased towards the retro style, and the wall and floor tiles should also choose the same retro feeling so that the overall sense will be stronger, which can make your bathroom look elegant, calm and atmospheric.