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Porcelain Slab Bathroom Vanity

Porcelain slabs have been overlooked in favor of stone for a long time. There was some good reason for that in the past, but times are changing! Porcelain countertops are strong, durable, water and bacteria-resistant … the list goes on. Porcelain slab for countertops can also be made in a wide variety of looks. This makes the design choices for your commercial or residential kitchen much more flexible.

How Is Porcelain Slab Made?

Porcelain is made from fine clay and a mineral called kaolinite. Feldspar, silica, and mineral oxides often come naturally in the clay, improving strength and color. This mix of clay and minerals is heated at incredibly high temperatures. Porcelain is very dense and non-porous. This is what gives porcelain its water- and bacteria-resistances. Porcelain also resists staining, which is crucial for a countertop.

What Are the Benefits Of Porcelain Countertops?

1. Strength: Porcelain is 30% stronger than granite. Porcelain countertops are dense, and because of this, they can have greater strength than other popular materials, even without being as thick. Porcelain countertops better resist chipping, cracking, scratching, and general wear.

2. Exterior Use: Porcelain is also rated for exterior use. This gives it a huge advantage if you have areas on your porch or patio that are more exposed to heat, humidity, or even wind and rain.
Durability: It lasts an extremely long time, which makes it very worth the investment.

3. Range of Looks: Porcelain slab for countertops is also very visually flexible. Porcelain can be made to emulate other surfaces very accurately.

4. Integral Appliance Matching: One more advantage of porcelain countertops is matching integral appliances. A sink, for instance, can be pattern-matched and color-matched to the porcelain countertop itself, creating a uniquely consistent look.

5. Ease of Cleaning: Porcelain is arguably the easiest material to clean and maintain, making kitchen cleaning chores much faster and more efficient.

Ideally, good materials in your home or business aren’t just stronger and more durable. They also make your life easier.
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