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How to Buy a Worthy Bathroom Cabinet ?

The bathroom cabinet is a piece of essential equipment in the bathroom furniture. A good-looking and practical bathroom cabinet can not only help people better storage of goods but also can play a decorative effect. Ayeuna, there are many kinds of bathroom cabinets in the market, with various styles and materials. So how to choose a suitable bathroom cabinet? How to buy worthy bathroom furniture storage? Ku alatan éta, the collocation of decoration style, the limitation of reserved position, and so on are the factors we should consider when selecting a bathroom cabinet.

The purchase of bathroom cabinets is great learning.

Dinten ayeuna, I will provide you with the most comprehensive bathroom cabinet strategy. Let's collect it quickly!

(1)Ukuran kabinét kamar mandi

Pikeun milih kabinet kamar mandi anu cocog, anjeun mimiti kedah nangtukeun ukuran kabinét kamar mandi. Ayeuna, lemari kamar mandi standar 80cm-100cm panjang sareng 45cm-50cm lebar. If the toilet has a large area, the length of the bathroom cabinet can even reach 120cm-180cm. In the choice of bathroom cabinet size, ergonomika kedah dituturkeun. Upami éta luhur teuing sareng pondok teuing, éta bakal serius mangaruhan pangalaman pangguna.

(2)Gaya kabinét mandi

Saatos nangtoskeun ukuran kabinét kamar mandi, the next step is to choose the style according to the decoration style of the bathroom. Ayeuna, two types of bathroom cabinets are more popular on the market, one is floor-standing and the other is wall-mounted. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

1.Floor-standing bathroom cabinet: refers to the bathroom cabinet with the bottom touching the ground

Advantages: 1.There is no wall restriction during installation, convenient transportation, and installation. 2.It is convenient to store and store objects, with larger storage space, stable center of gravity and can store heavy objects.

Disadvantages: 1. The bottom touches the ground all the year-round, which is more susceptible to moisture. 2. Occupying more space will make the bathroom more depressed and the space smaller. 3. It is difficult to clean, and there are many sanitary dead spots at the bottom.

2.Wall-mounted bathroom cabinet: refers to a bathroom cabinet whose bottom is suspended and installed on the wall by connecting parts.

Advantages: 1. The bottom suspension is conducive to the diffusion of moisture, not moldy. 2. There is no sanitary dead corner in the hanging place, which is convenient for cleaning. 3. It's simple and easy, and it won't appear that the toilet is oppressive and crowded.

Disadvantages: 1. Troublesome installation, you need to use load-bearing walls and solid walls to install bathroom cabinets. 2. Poor load-bearing, it can't place overweight items. 3. Storage space is limited.

(3)Bathroom cabinet material

The bathroom is a humid and dark space all year round. There is also a lot of attention to the material selection of bathroom cabinets. Ayeuna, bahan kabinet biasana kai padet, PVC, piring stainless steel.

1.Kabinét mandi PVC

Kabinét mandi PVC gaduh daya tahan cai anu saé, so they are not susceptible to moisture and mildew and are durable. Salaku tambahan, Kabinet kamar mandi PVC gaduh prestasi anu saé pisan. Aya seueur pilihan dina warna sareng bentuk, and the price is relatively cheap and it has high cost-effective.

Najan kitu, the PVC bathroom cabinet is made of chemical board, which has many harmful substances and poor high-temperature resistance. Éta sacara saksama dipilih ku manula sareng barudak di kulawarga.

2.Kasapian kamar mandi kai padet

Kabinet kamar mandi anu padet gaduh duanana tékstur sareng tampilan na, tapi hargana lumayan luhur. If you want to pursue the style of the bathroom and the appearance of the bathroom, kabinét kai padet mangrupakeun pilihan anu saé. Najan kitu, lemari kai padet rada gampang katembung sareng henteu awét.

3.Kabinét mandi baja tahan karat

Stainless steel bathroom cabinet has a stronger metal texture, good wear resistance, and moisture resistance, environmental protection is also very good, and it is also a good choice for a bathroom cabinet. Najan kitu, the stainless steel bathroom cabinet itself is not high in appearance, and it will be aged due to water stains after long use, which requires more maintenance and repair.

The above is about how to choose a bathroom cabinet. If you still have questions, please contact us. Frank is a bathroom furniture manufacturer in China focusing on high-quality bathroom cabinet for 13 taun.

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