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FRANK, founded in 2006, is located in Foshan, China. Frank is a leading bathroom furniture solutions provider in China. We always keep the original concept in mind, and has focused on high quality bathroom cabinet for 13 years. So far FRANK have been setting up more than 500 stores in domestic and abroad.

China’s high-quality bathroom cabinet supplier direct sales and designs of various sizes and styles of bathroom mirror cabinet!! Kóonol wichkíil le jump'éel artículo tuukulo'obo' ti' k otoch.. Jump'éel wichkíil yáax vanidades refrescará k wichkíil. Jump'éel jats'uts armario wichkíil je'el u meentik k kuxtal asab ki'imak. So it is very essential to know the style of the bathroom. And what are the styles of bathroom wall cabinet? Next FRANK will make a small summary of hot-selling bathroom cabinets to you.