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Four tips to avoid deformation of LED bathroom mirror cabinet!

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the quality and style of the led bathroom mirror cabinet. For example, the bathroom furniture cabinets should not only have a good appearance and decoration but also increase the storage function of the toilet. However, there are many kinds of bathroom vanities for sale on the market. After long-term use, the deformation of the cabinet often occurs. How to avoid this situation? Next Frank share several methods to prevent the deformation of bathroom vanities and cabinets.

Generally speaking, the deformation of the bathroom cabinet is mainly due to the following three factors:

The first is that the selection and quality of materials are not up to standard; the second is that the protective film on the surface of materials is damaged due to bumping during transportation; the third is that the toilet is too humid and the wood is exposed to the humid environment for a long time.

Look for preventive measures.

1.First of all, when choosing the bathroom cabinet, its brand is very important.

There are many kinds of bathroom cabinets on the market, so it is easy for us to be confused when choosing. Generally speaking, for a good brand, quality and after-sales are more guaranteed. After getting the bathroom cabinet, first of all, check whether there are bumping marks on the surface. If there are, find the merchant to return it in time.

2.When installing the washbasin on the bathroom wall cabinets, the joint must be sealed with glass glue. This is to prevent water vapor from entering into the cabinet through the gap, which will lead to moisture in the entire storage area, resulting in material deformation and even a peculiar smell. At this time, the bathroom cabinet can not only play a role in storage but also affect the mood of the whole day.

3. In order to reduce the influence of moisture on the bathroom cabinet, the toilet must be kept ventilated.

Open windows and exhaust fan in the bathroom is necessary, it would be better to be able to keep dry wet separation. At the same time, you have better to choose the bathroom cabinet with higher cabinet leg, and with a 304 stainless steel footpad, the back of the cabinet has better not be close to the wall, so as to effectively isolate the moisture on the ground and the wall.

4.Usually also pay attention to the maintenance of the bathroom cabinet, timely clean up the water on the cabinet.

In life, the water splash of the washbasin and tap is inevitable. However, the joint between the basin and the table should be kept dry to prevent splashing water from staying on the cabinet surface for a long time, resulting in the material deformation of the cabinet. At this time, choose a foam rich, soft water faucet is a good way to protect the bathroom cabinet.

Above are the maintenance skills of the led bathroom mirror cabinet. If you need more professional advice and knowledge in the process of purchasing bathroom vanity cabinets, please contact Frank.

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