October 2019

  • Which is better for the bathroom cabinet?

    The bathroom cabinet, as soon as we heard the name, we can think of it as a cabinet installed in the bathroom. So for the bathroom cabinet, the custom bathroom cabinet has gradually become a new trend in the market. Which brand of custom bathroom cabinets is the best quality…
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  • Is the bathroom cabinet custom made?

    As people's living standards improve, the joy of life is getting higher and higher. Bathroom cabinets are definitely essential when designing a bathroom. But for the question of whether the bathroom cabinet is good for the finished product or customized, there may be many people who will hesitate when choosing…
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  • What are the precautions for custom bathroom cabinets? 90% of people don’t know

    In the previous article, we talked about how to customize the bathroom cabinet. Many users expressed their opinions on QQ, WeChat, and even email, expressing their views on the viewpoints in the text, and eager to talk about some considerations in the process of customizing the bathroom cabinet. Talk, then…
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  • Frank's Design "Mountain Series" Won The "AuTo Design Award 2019" Excellent Work

    Congratulations to Frank's bathroom cabinet product designer, Mr. Du rushed, for winning the excellent work award of the "AuTo design award" in 2019. After several months of multiple selections and comprehensive evaluation by a number of well-known local design tutors, 的 "Shan Qiu" series stood out among the numerous entries…
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  • 清潔鏡子的正確方法

    鏡子在我們的生活中無處不在. 當鏡子骯髒而模糊時, 大多數人會用濕的方巾擦拭, 但他們發現擦拭的次數越多, 模糊變成. 有時候他們甚至看著它. 我不知道, come to learn the correct way to…
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  • Is the wall mounted bathroom cabinet strong?

    A wall-mounted bathroom cabinet can be said to be an indispensable type of bathroom furniture in the bathroom. Due to the limited space in the bathroom, many people choose wall-mounted sink cabinets when installing, allowing the use of the bathroom space. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's…
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  • 中國領先的浴室家具解決方案提供商!!

    Everyone's life can not be separated from the bathroom mirror cabinet with sink, 成為現代家居裝飾中的標準浴室家具. 高品質的生活需要精美的裝飾才能營造溫暖舒適的家居環境. 在弗蘭克, 您可以找到自己喜歡的浴室家具櫃. 2019 is a…
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  • How to protect bathroom sink cabinets from moisture?

    選擇浴室水槽櫃時, 我們將更多地考慮優質浴室櫃的防潮問題. Due to a large amount of water used in the bathroom, 環境非常潮濕. So how is the 48-inch bathroom cabinets with sink moistureproof? 今天, as a bathroom furniture manufacturer,…
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